CNB Fees

Services   New Fee
PopMoney   $1.00 per transaction
Expedited Payments  
Same Day
Paid Non Sufficient Fund Fee   $30.00
Returned Non Sufficient Fund Fee   $30.00
Account Watch (per month)   $30.00
Stop Payment   $30.00
Money Orders (limit $1,000 each)   $2.00
Cashier Checks   $5.00
Copies of Check/Deposits (per item)   None
Temporary Checks/Deposits   None
Account Printout   None
Notary Service (per item)   None
Signature Guarantee - Customer (per item)   $25.00
Signature Guarantee - Non-Customer (per item)   $50.00
Cash Advances   CNB will no longer process cash advances.
License & Title Service   $25.00
Duplicate ATM Cards   $5.00
ATM Surcharge Fee (non-customer)   $2.00
Zipper Bag -- (one time charge)   $5.00
Night Deposit Bag w/Lock -- (annual fee)   $30.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee   $10.00
Garnishment, Levy & Liens   $25.00
Transfer Fee   None
Return Deposit Items   None
Checkbook Account Balancing (per hr)   None
Research (per hr)    
Year 2004 to present
  $15.00 hr
Year 2000 to 2004
  $25.00 hr
Prior to 2000
  bank's discretion
Non-Customer Check Cashing (per check)   $5.00 for a check under $1,000,
5% for a check over $1,000
Account Closing Charge (within 90 days)   None
Foreign Check Collection   $10.00
Canadian Check Collection   $10.00
Balance Inquiry   None
Photocopies (per item)   None
Fax Machine (per page)   $1.00 for the first page; $0.50 for each additional page.
Dormant Maintenance Fee
monthly fee for checking accounts
quarterly fee for savings accounts
  $5.00 - If account balance is less than $50. If balance is over $50, there is no fee.
An account is dormant if there is no activity or written communication from customer for one year. Letter will be sent to customer at one year of inactivity.
Wire Transfer - Customer (Outgoing)   $25.00
Wire Transfer - Customer (Incoming)   $0.00
Wire Transfer - Non Customer   $35.00
International Wires -- Customer & Non Customer    
International Wire Transfer - (Incoming)
International Wire Transfer - (Outgoing)

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