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Our History

The story of Citizens National Bank of Albion began when the city of Albion had been without a bank for approximately eight years due to the First National Bank of Albion closing its doors during the Great Depression.  Several young enterprising business and professional individuals realized the need for a bank in a town of 2,000 residents.  They persuaded the shareholders and employees of the First State Bank of Golden Gate to make application for a national charter and eventually become the Citizens National Bank of Albion.  The new bank would move from Golden Gate to Albion and occupy the previous location of the failed First National Bank of Albion.  On August 5, 1940, the Citizens National Bank of Albion opened for business on the west side of the square at 11 North Fifth Street.

Over the years, there have been many outstanding directors on our board and six bank Presidents since the bank was first chartered

Charles A. French (1940-1942), who had ties to the Golden Gate area
Alan B. Gill (1942 – 1958)
Ray D. Withrow (1958 – 1970)
Don  L. Broster (1970 – 1982)
Marilyn J. Wolfe (1982 – 1999)
Jan D. Ridgely (1999 – Current)

In 1966, construction began on a new facility located at the corner of Fifth and Elm Street in Albion.  The work concluded with the grand opening on August 14, 1967.  In the mid-1980’s, additional adjoining property was purchased for the purpose of enlarging the bank and adding more drive-up lanes and parking.  The bank never closed during the expansion, which finished in 1986.

Our first branch office, the Olney Banking Center, was officially opened on January 22, 2002, in the original Trust Bank building.  Much of the original flooring, vaults, and lock boxes are still intact.

Our second branch, located in Mt. Erie, was acquired on November 21, 2003, from the First National Bank of Olney, which had purchased the Mt. Erie State Bank several years prior.  Our Mt. Erie Banking Center allowed us to extend our customer base beyond Edwards and Richland Counties into the communities of Wayne County.

The Crossville Branch opened on February 8, 2007, in a temporary building in Crossville, Illinois.  However, the official grand opening did not take place until August of that year, when our staff moved into the newly renovated Old National Bank building.

In October, 2014, it was announced our intent to acquire The Bank of Lawrence County. Although The Bank of Lawrence County was relatively new to Lawrence County, their philosophy of banking was in line with Citizens National Bank of Albion’s’ so it felt like it would be a good fit. The facilities located in Bridgeport and Lawrenceville officially joined the Citizens National Bank of Albion family in mid-April, 2015.

Due to the growth in electronic banking and it’s many applications, Citizens National Bank of Albion is constantly updating and adding products to our core product line. These technologies not only continue to transform the landscape of banking as we now know it, but it also enables our customers to continue to use their “hometown” bank anywhere in the world.  CNB continues to look forward to the future and what technology will make available.

Citizens National Bank of Albion is still growing and proudly offering the same products and services that are found at the larger banks.  What sets us apart, however, is the fact that we are a community bank . . . owned by shareholders who live and work in the communities we serve.  The decisions about the direction of our bank are made right here by people who understand the needs of the local area.  Another great asset is our “personal touch,” and our pledge that quality customer service must always come first.  Rest assured, Citizens National Bank of Albion will be here to serve you now and in the future.  We are your bank for a lifetime.