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Our Team and Directors

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Jan D. Ridgely,  Chairman of the Board

Jan Ridgely is the current President & CEO of Citizens National Bank. He began his employment in 1986 and was named President in 1999. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1999 and named Chairman of the Board in 2016.

David Broster, 
David Broster is a grain farmer in Edwards County. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2004.

Randall Longbons, 
Randall Longbons is a local farmer and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2007.

Richard H. Wolfe, 
Richard H. Wolfe is a Vice President employed at Citizens National Bank of Albion. He began his employment in 1998 and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2016.

Davis Messman, 
Davis Messman owns a local farming operation and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2018.

Dr. Lawrence Speir, 
Dr. Lawrence Speir owns and operates Speir Chiropractic in Albion. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2018


Our Team of Professional Bankers

Albion - Main Office

Jan D. Ridgely, President & CEO

Kevin R. Smerdon, Vice President & Senior Lending Officer & Secretary to the Board

Richard H. Wolfe, Vice President, Bank Security Officer & Lending Officer

Sharon Groff, Vice President, Cashier & Lending Operations Officer

Christina Cowling, Vice President & Operations Officer

Abby Shelton, Vice President & Comptroller

Sharon York, Assistant Vice President & New Accounts Specialist / IRA Administrator

Mindy Henton, Assistant Vice President & Information Technology Officer

Beth Seals, Assistant Vice President, Bank Secrecy Officer & Information Security Officer

Averi Goodman,  Assistant Vice President, Marketing Officer & CRA Officer

Tonya Headley,  Assistant Vice President, Human Resource Officer & Holding Co. Secretary

Karen Fritchley, Assistant Vice President & Deposit Operations Officer

Debbie Fisher, Assistant Vice President & Electronic Banking Officer

Gina Simms, Compliance Officer

Aubrey Seibert, Lending Officer

Colton Speir, Ag Lending Officer

Wyatt Hatcher, Lending Officer

Katelynn Etheridge,  Assistant Comptroller

Libby Bunting, Assistant Cashier & Lending Operations Representative

Caitlynn Metcalf, Lending Operations Representative

Rebekah Robinson, New Accounts Specialist

Dena Moore, Administrative Assistant

Kim Thompson, Administrative Assistant

Harley Lear, Deposit Operations Representative

Whitney Leek, Deposit Operations Representative

Makenze Bell, Deposit Operations Representative

Tasha Bell, Deposit Operations Representative

Hannah Rotramel, Customer Service Representative

Natalie Conrad, Customer Service Representative

Yvonne Etzkorn, Customer Service Representative

Izzy McGarvey, Customer Service Representative

Victoria Walker, Customer Service Representative

Glenna Summers, Customer Service Representative

Janet Peach, Part-time Receptionist

Janitorial Staff

David Harris

Olney Banking Center

Amy Kirby, Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager & Lending Officer

Lora Kocher,  Assistant Vice President & Lending Officer

Deanna Kabbes, Administrative Assistant

Jill Weiler, Customer Service Representative

Jacqueline Hesser, Customer Service Representative

Dorothy Zwilling, Customer Service Representative

Mt. Erie Banking Center

Tina Stopher,  Assistant Vice President, & Branch Manager

Huleana Smith, Customer Service Representative

Janice Brown, Customer Service Representative

Beverly Bass, Part-time Customer Service Representative

Eva McCracken, Part-Time Customer Service Representative


Crossville Banking Center

Tiara Richardson, Branch Manager

Austin Rahmoeller, Lending Officer

Lori Cullison, Customer Service Representative

Angie Phelps, Customer Service Representative

Morgan Pringle, Part-Time Customer Service Representative

Barbara Howard, Part-Time Customer Service Representative

Bridgeport Banking Center

Billy Gray,  Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager & Lending Officer

Stacy Lockhart, Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Conover, Customer Service Representative

Katie Stovall, Customer Service Representative

Allison Moyes, Part-Time Customer Service Representative


Lawrenceville Banking Center

Peggy Volkman, Branch Manager

Greg Lewis, Assistant Vice President & Lending Officer

Kourtney Loudermilk, Customer Service Representative

Stephanie Seed, Part-Time Customer Service Representative

Lindsey Carpenter, Part-Time Customer Service Representative